Slow-release fertiliser PERFECT LEAF 150 g

Nutrients for all green and indoor plants
Item No. 19604
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Slow-release fertiliser PERFECT LEAF 150 g

Nutrients for all green and indoor plants
Item No. 19604
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A constant supply of nutrients is crucial for your houseplants, from monsteras to strelizias and calatheas, to develop a lush green colour. Optimally balanced, our PERFECT LEAF universal fertiliser provides your green plants and houseplants with the most important nutrients from the very first application. The innovative coating technology of the slow-release fertiliser continuously releases the valuable nutrients into the water reservoir over a period of 6 to 8 months - ideal for a long-term supply for your plants. This means that the plant only needs to be fertilised twice a year.

Tip: Discover our versatile plant substrates for indoor plants, such as LECHUZA-PON. The pure mineral substrate has a high drainage capacity, stores nutrients and releases them as required.

Composition: Fully coated slow-release NPK fertiliser 15+11+14+2MgO+ trace nutrients.
Product information
  • Universal fertiliser for all green and indoor plants
  • For lush green leaves and healthy growth
  • Stable nutrient release over a period of 6-8 months
  • High-quality nutrient
  • Safe for animals and the environment
  • Fertilise only twice a year
  • Dosage: Add 3g per 1 litre of water to the water reservoir. Measure using the dosing cap.
  • Frequency: As the slow-release fertilizer is effective for 6-8 months, it only needs to be fertilized twice a year.
  • Notice: Pay attention to the individual fertilization requirements of the plant.
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