The right greenery for every room

Plants not only make our homes greener and more cosy, but they also improve the climate of the room - if they're positioned in the right places. We tell you which plants can best perform to their strengths in which room.

After all, in high-quality planters with an integrated watering system from LECHUZA, large and small indoor plants have the ideal growing conditions and can help to play a major part in creating a sense of well-being within your own four walls.

A green and healthy home

Living room jungles

More than just décor

In combination with modern pots from LECHUZA, plants create a pleasantly homely and modern atmosphere. The Areca palm in the CUBE Premium, for example, adds the perfect finishing touch to your interior with its classic look. The palm is decorative and lends an exotic touch to large rooms. It also produces pure room air by filtering out harmful substances such as chemicals from the air.

Another great all-rounder for room climates is the Spathiphyllum, also known as the peace lily. It filters out toxins such as formaldehyde or benzene, humidifies the room air and purifies the air of evaporated substances of human origin such as acetone or ammonia.

Good room climate

Plants for the workplace

There's a lot to be said for making an office green. The plants offer a nice contrast to bright screens, purify the air and create a pleasant atmosphere. Large green plants can also help reduce noise levels in open-plan offices.

The classic office plants: Ficus and Dracaena. These give off a lot of oxygen and moisture during the day through the leaves. They also grow quickly and, with their thick leaves, act as real eye-catchers and room dividers for the office.

Bedroom plants for healthy sleep

Plants have a relaxing effect and, as green splashes of colour, create cosiness and areas of calm. Since they return almost 90 per cent of the water they are given to the room air and also trap dust particles, they act like air humidifiers and are popular for more than just their looks.

One air refresher that also converts carbon dioxide into oxygen during the night is the Sansevieria. With its slim silhouette, it sits comfortably on a window ledge or narrow sideboard. Full sun should be avoided for this plant, however.

CLASSICO LS 28 shiny taupe

It comes in many different sizes and colours, making the CLASSICO LS the ideal partner for all plant lovers. As a result, the bushy Aralia/Schefflera also feels perfectly happy in the LECHUZA all-rounder. Easy to look after and preferring cooler temperatures, it is the ideal green plant for the bedroom. It also gives off oxygen on a regular basis, helping to promote restful sleep.

Green plants in the kitchen

Ideas for when space is tight

The "epiphyte" Tilandsia draws its water from the air, helping to combat excess moisture and mildew. Ferns like it damp and warm - making them perfect for the kitchen. Both are small plants that can be positioned to save on space.

Also ideal for small kitchens: with the CUBE Glossy Triple, your plants are well cared-for and beautifully presented. Purchased plants don’t even need to be re-potted. Instead, leave them in their cultivation pot, set them up with the stick irrigation system and place directly in the planter.

A must-have for every bathroom

These plants are ideal

Transform your bathroom into a proper oasis of well-being! Plants not only help to improve the climate of the room, but they also have a calming and positive effect on our well-being.

With its large, striking leaves and beautiful flowers, it is a real eye-catcher for the bathroom: the Aglaonema. It handles high humidity well, but it does need a very bright environment. The spider plant, on the other hand, is easier to look after than almost any other indoor plant. Its great advantage is that it can cope with poor light conditions, making it ideal for small, darker bathrooms too.

Coupled with modern pots from LECHUZA, these green housemates can become home accessories with a feel-good factor.

Trend tip

Plants for the shower

They purify the air, refresh the body and mind, and are a real decorative element for the bathroom. Bamboo, spider plants and aloe vera are especially great in the shower. If space is at a premium, a bunch of eucalyptus can be tied to the shower rail. Refreshing!

Plants for the shower
The perfect partners for your indoor plants: