Little heroes ...

... achieve great things!

Nature is a complex ecosystem with a place and a job for all forms of life, and even the smallest of creatures can make a great impact. Our world would be a very different place without bees that fly from blossom to blossom. These little bees need nourishment to survive. But, sustenance is particularly rare in densely-populated cities.

Everyone must join in to make a difference!

Three honeycombs with bee
Honeycomb braid with bee
Honeycomb braid with bee

Embrace wildlife

Flower meadows - paradises for bees

While perfectly manicured, weed-free lawns may still be considered the norm, they do nothing to help the bees. Wild flowering fields on the other hand are a paradise for bees.

Cloverflower meadow
Bee paradise in the flower meadow
Lettering BALCONERA with two honeycombs and a bee

Balcony in bloom

Every blossom helps

Even with very little space, there’s a lot you can do for bees. Flowering plants in yellow and blue are especially attractive to bees (they cannot see the color red). Lavender, sage, verbena, or silkweed are rich in nectar, easy to plant in flower pots, and also look beautiful.

Nesting places

Create a small home

While honeybees live in bee hives, wild bees build individual nests to raise their young. We can provide them with a special place built just for this purpose. For example, hollow “nest stalks” made of bamboo or reed are suitable for some types of wild bees. It is essential to smooth out the ends (with sandpaper, for instance), so that the bees cannot injure themselves on sharp edges or splitters when entering the nest.

It is also important to ensure that the stalk does not crumple and that the openings are large enough for little bees. For ground-nesting bees a box or dish with loose sand and no plants is a good idea. Wild bees prefer nesting places in direct sunlight.

Honeycomb braid
Honeycomb braid
Kleine Honigbiene

Bee friendly


With their colorful flowers, garden cosmos plants are not just aesthetically pleasing, they are also very bee-friendly.

Two little bees put their heads in a honeycomb
Two combs and bee

Don’t fear the bees

Peaceful comrades

Anyone afraid of stinging insects might think twice about attracting a swarm of bees into their garden. But, there’s no need to worry. Honeybees are very peaceful creatures and only sting when threatened. There’s nothing to fear if you simply leave them alone. Most types of wild bees do not even have a stinger.
Here’s to a bee-friendly neighborhood!

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