Romantic gestures for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air

On Valentine’s Day, we’re head-over-heels in love and enjoy giving a special treat to our loved ones. A glass of bubbly at breakfast, a romantic brunch and some quality time together.


Send it with love

Show your love with the special edition CUBE Glossy ‘Kiss’

Available in soft pastel shades of Cashmere Cream, Cherry Pie and Sweet Candy, the special edition CUBE Glossy ‘Kiss’ creates a stylish home for flowers and plants to grow and flourish.


The lacquer coating has a high-gloss glitter effect, giving this planter a sparkling finish that you’ll enjoy well beyond Valentine’s Day.
A stylish must-have!

Small gifts for any occasion

Here for you!

Whether it’s for a birthday, as a small gift, or simply just because, small and enchanting table planters look fabulous with flowering plants. They are sure to bring lasting joy to whoever receives one.
Modern plant lovers will love an exotic anthurium in our elegant CUBE Glossy, and thanks to the simple wick system, flowers get optimal water supply without the need for repotting!
Whichever plant you choose, LECHUZA has just the right finishing touches to complete your gift.

Presents bring joy

Give flowers in a YULA planter

In a stunningly beautiful Pearl Rose, the YULA collection is perfect for presenting any floral gift in a stunning container. The larger plant bag size fits your choice of fresh flowers, and there’s also room for small gifts hidden under the leaves. The YULA Flower is one of our new essentials: a stylish vase that will suit any bouquet.

Find the right planter for your gift here: