Autumn ideas with LECHUZA

Bringing cheer to grey days

Many popular summer plants, like geraniums and petunias, will have already passed their peak blossoming period by the end of summer. But that is no reason for your garden, terrace and balcony to become bare and dreary. Even in late summer, autumn and winter, colourful leaves and blossoms can brighten things up, lifting your mood and extending outdoor enjoyment for many more months.

The current LECHUZA range includes planters in a selection of different shapes, sizes and colours, ensuring your plants are well-cared-for in every season. They are even able to endure difficult weather conditions, thanks to their hard-wearing outer surfaces.


Cared for through until spring

Irrigation systems are perfect for cooler months as well

For hardy perennials, experiencing colder months is often important for continued development. These potted plants are definitely welcome to stay outside during the cold season!
The reliable LECHUZA irrigation system supplies plants and flowers with water and nutrients following nature’s example. To prevent waterlogging when plants are outside, and avoid damage to their roots, the bottom screw in the planters can be unscrewed so that rainwater can drain out at any time.
When the first frost arrives, stop filling up the water reservoir on LECHUZA planters and switch to only watering the plant substrate from above – moisture will still be stored in LECHUZA-PON’s drainage layer. Only water your plants on frost-free days, so that they are not troubled any further through temperature fluctuations.

Autumn Favourites
Autumn Favourites

Autumn planting for terraces and balconies

Bright and colourful arrangements

Flower beds, pots and buckets can look just as interesting during colder months: stylish and artistic leaves, graceful blossoming beauties and dynamic grasses are all perfect choices for this season.

Create distinct designs for autumn gardens using LECHUZA planters, which can be used outdoors all year round thanks to their weather-resistant plastic. The CUBETO planter, for example, has an impressive outside surface effect that looks like natural stone. This harmonious, round planter offers endless possibilities for creating beautiful arrangements accented with colourful autumn plants.


Don’t be scared!

Spooky decorations for autumn gardens

When your garden’s foliage turns colourful in autumn and leaves slowly start to fall, your outside spaces can quickly start looking bare. Creating some homemade autumn decorations is the perfect solution to counter this. Especially for Halloween, creepy decorations around your front door and garden are a real must! You can find components and materials during autumn walks, and also from local shops: shiny chestnuts, fragrant mosses and gourds in all sizes and shapes. Use these natural materials to decorate your LECHUZA planters, and finish off the scene by carving a big pumpkin with a spooky design. Autumn decorations with scare-factor: done!

Ensure your plants are well-cared for in every season: