PALMPON Plant Substrate 12 liter

With black lava for additional heat storage. Suitable for all palms and Mediterranean plants.
Item No. 19543
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PALMPON Plant Substrate 12 liter

With black lava for additional heat storage. Suitable for all palms and Mediterranean plants.
Item No. 19543
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Ideal conditions for your tropical inhabitants! Enjoy palm trees with rich, green leaves and lush growth - thanks to peat-free planting substrate PALMPON. Most palm species like a slightly moist soil, but waterlogging should be avoided. With its high mineral content, PALMPON optimally doses the water supply in your planter and supports root aeration. In this way, waterlogging can be avoided and the roots grow vigorously. In addition to organic components such as pine bark, PALMPON is enriched with black lava, which stores heat and adapts to the naturally tropical environment. Potassium and iron ensure healthy, fast growth. For the first 6-8 months after repotting, your palms are supplied with sufficient nutrients thanks to pre-fertilised formula. For the love of nature, the substrate is peat-free. In addition, PALMPON is very volume-stable and improves the stability of your palms in the planter.

Components: pumice, lava, black lava, zeolite, pine bark, slow-release fertilizer (specific for palm trees)

Note: For the highest quality of capillarity action in LECHUZA planters, we recommend using LECHUZA-PON as a drainage layer.
Professional quality
Professional quality
Natural raw materials
Natural raw materials
Optimal root ventilation
Optimal root ventilation
Nutrient and water storage
Nutrient and water storage
Product information
  • Suitable for all palms and Mediterranean plants
  • For healthy, stable palms
  • Dark appearance due to black lava
  • Pre-fertilized for 6-8 months
  • 100% peat-free to protect nature
  • Organic-mineral potted plant substrate
  • Volume stable - substrate does not compact, providing stability
  • Optimal root aeration and high drainage ability
  • Prevents waterlogging and root rot
  • With extra potassium and iron for healthy, fast growth
  • Black lava serves as heat storage
  • Recyclable
  • Natural raw materials
  • Professional quality
  • Made in Germany
Planting instructions

Step 1:

Add the LECHUZA-PON plant substrate (included with the pots) as a drainage layer on the separating base in the pot. This is important so the water can be transported from the reservoir to the plant.
Then pour a thin layer of the desired substrate into the container. Just enough to give your plant the right height in the container.

Step 2:

Place the plant in your planter. The roots do not need to be completely removed from the soil.

Step 3:

Fill the container completely with the substrate of your choice, e.g. using the PON shovel.

Step 4:

For the first 12 weeks, water your plant as usual from above, directly onto the substrate. Only water as much as the plant can absorb. Make sure that there is as little water as possible in the reservoir.
After this watering phase, you can water your plant via the water shaft. For pots without a LECHUZA watering system, the plant continues to be watered from above. You can find more information here:
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