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Privacy Statement

Last updated: September 1, 2010

The LECHUZA website provides information about the exquisite LECHUZA assortment. To enjoy our website, LECHUZA does not require anyone to share personal information about themselves. You can visit our site without registering with us.
Certain limited non-personal identifiable information is recorded by our internet servers when you visit our site. This limited information includes the type of the used browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) and the operating system used by your computer (such as Windows XP). Our internet servers also keep track of the number of visitors to the site, the pages they visited and how long they stayed. None of this information includes any personal information about you. Our server doesn't detect either your e-mail address or other personal data of identification, if you do not submit it.
If you have any questions about our online privacy policies or information we have stored about you, please contact us at or submit a message using the contact form.
LECHUZA planters and furniture are manufactured and painted at our environmentally-certified production site in Dietenhofen, Germany, to the highest production standards.
The LECHUZA sub-irrigation-system
How to Plant in LECHUZA
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